Marketing Metrics Consultant
Marketing Metrics Consultant

Marketing Metrics Consultant for Analytics That Matter

Generating volume numbers from marketing programs is exciting and fun, but the numbers can be deceiving if you don’t know which numbers make a significant contribution to your business. Many marketing teams are too busy to put in the time and effort to decide which metrics matter and how to report on them. As your marketing metrics consultant, I will work with you to determine the metrics that matter to your business and go-to-market strategy and set up processes that report on the numbers. Together, we’ll discover what is working, what needs to be revisited, and where to focus your marketing dollars and resources. Below are examples of diverse metrics that have been key success factors for me in a variety of initiatives.

Website Engagement

website metrics consultant

There are an endless number of web metrics to track. Which matter and their numbers will depend on company variables such as size, stage, marketing spend, target customer, average sales price, availability of freemium or open source downloads, among others. My job as your marketing metrics consultant will be to identify a few that matter today, focus on improving them, and evolve the metrics set over time. Read more about our website consulting.

Community Development

Marketing metrics consultant

Community sites offer a set of engagement opportunities for prospects that go beyond the basic corporate website traffic metrics. Which metrics that are important to track can change as the community matures and develops. I’ve led several community development initiatives and my role as a marketing metrics consultant will be to help you identify which are critical for your current stage and which need improving.

Generating the Right Leads

Building your marketing database is the first step in digital marketing. I’ll make sure you are adding the names and contacts that have the attributes of your target customers and are measuring how many opt-in and how many engage. This chart shows industry vertical. Together, we’ll determine which customer attributes matter to you.

Customer Paths to Revenue

Different go-to-market strategies require monitoring different paths to measure and manage. Some companies have more than one, such as companies with open source offerings or community sites. I’ll help you know which paths are most effective for your business so you can make informed decisions regarding your marketing spend.

Content Effectiveness

Content Marketing Metrics Consultant

For some, light videos and top ten lists generate new inquiries, for others, thought leadership whitepapers and webinars deliver the leads. Some audiences are best engaged by driving them directly to your website, while others require partnering with syndicated media sites the audience already trusts. My role as your marketing metrics consultant will be to help track and find out what content marketing efforts are working so you can align marketing spend.

Marketing Contribution to Pipeline

Marketing attribution metrics consultant

Tracking lead progress through every stage of the marketing and sales funnel is important to know marketing’s contribution to the business. Factors such as conversion rates from stage to stage, the time it takes for leads to mature, and what content is driving the conversions provide great insight to your business and how to improve your go-to-market. Bringing these insights to light is a goal for me in every marketing metrics consultant engagement.

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