Content Marketing Consultant
Content Marketing Consultant

Experienced Content Marketing Consultant

As your content marketing consultant, I will run your virtual content marketing team, we will create content that supports the complete marketing and sales lifecycle—from attracting, educating, nurturing to MQL, SQL and sales opportunity. We create infographics, eBooks, whitepapers, solution videos, explainer videos, product demo videos, presentations, webinar content, product data sheets, and solutions overviews.

All of our content is outlined and edited by a successful CMO and written by experienced tech marketing writers. When I act as your content marketing consultant, I always do SEO research up-front, so we know the content will perform. For content creation, I use a process very similar to the one I use when I act as your messaging consultant.

The Right Content and Subject Matter for Each Stage of Customer Engagement

Content Marketing Consultant

Thought Leadership to Attract and Educate

If you are establishing a new company, product, category or approach to a old problem, as your content marketing consultant, I like to to start the conversation in a way that peaks interest and establishes trust and credibility with your target audience, without “selling”. Instead of leading with product, we’ll promote higher-level content that focuses on a business problem, new industry trends or best practices. Providing information that will be of value to the reader regardless if they purchase your product, helps build your database for the marketing automation machine.

Educational Solution and Product Content to Nurture

Once you have their name and contact information, we’ll focus on educating them about solutions to solving those problems. We’ll use this educational process to plant the seeds that your competitive differentiators are requirements to solve their key business issues and problems. Along the way, some leads will organically start to engage more, providing a natural opening to bring your product into the dialogue. To ensure we don’t lose their attention once we start talking product, we make sure the product content is consistent with the thought leadership and best practice content and continues the conversation that first attracted them.

Sales Tools to Move the Conversation Forward

Finally as your content marketing consultant, my virtual team and I will provide sales enablement tools that bring together the thought leadership, best practice and product content into a cohesive conversation that sets the stage for a solution selling approach. This allows the sales dialogue to be a best practice and problem solving process specific to the customer. This will differentiate you from the competition and can sometimes set you up to side-step them altogether.

"The key to getting your message across is to deliver it consistently through a variety of content and channels over an extended period of time."
Rich Guth
Content Marketing Consultant

Different Content Formats for Different Marketing Channels and Programs

Thought Leadership Formats

As your content marketing consultant, I will make sure your thought leadership content is created in compelling formats that maximize interest and minimize commitment.

For broad-reaching digital marketing, simple one-page top 10 best-practice lists, slideshows, videos or information graphics with supporting industry data work well.

For more targeted audiences, particularly director-level and above, whitepapers and webinars offered through a third party syndication vendor that the target audience already trusts and goes to keep current on industry trends are very effective.

Product Formats

Product content can be presented in video demos, webinars you host, customer success stories, or standard product literature such as product overview PDFs or detailed product whitepapers.  This is the time to offer free trials and downloads if appropriate.

Sales Tools

The sales force then needs to be armed with powerpoint presentations, RFP responses and ROI models that take the conversation to the next level in a consistent fashion and move the sales process forward. Part of my job as your content marketing consultant is to make sure messages are consistent all the way through the pipeline.

Content Marketing Consultant

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