Digital Marketing Consultant
Digital Marketing Consultant

Profile, Identify, Attract, Engage and Measure

Digital marketing is a discipline. Creativity helps, but rarely is there a magic-bullet lead generation campaign that will suddenly start raking in paying customers over and over again. It takes planning and some strategic thinking to create a process that works. That is what I will guide you through as your digital marketing consultant. The process I follow is:

Profile – your ideal customers and their defining attributes

Identify – where they are and the sources they trust and regularly visit

Attract – to your website and nurture with marketing automation programs

Engage – with relevant content on issues they care about

Measure – evaluate and adjust your spending and programs accordingly

Profile and Identify Your Target Customers

It’s been called lead generation, demand generation, content marketing, online marketing, growth hacking, but it all boils down to using digital channels to attract prospective customers, or leads. As your digital marketing consultant, I will help you model your ideal customers, define their attributes, and use online content, channels, sources, and technology to find and engage them at the cheapest cost per lead.

It’s more than just a snappy video or clever tweets. It’s modeling the attributes of the ideal customer and finding prospects that match them using the rich resources available online. While the “finding” can be done manually with a laborious process, a variety of technologies can help automate, which as your digital marketing consultant, I can help you evaluate. Some attributes we will focus on are:

Digital Marketing consultant

Attract with a Mix of Digital Marketing Programs and Channels

Digital Marketing Consultant

As your digital marketing consultant, we will keep your company, messages and offers in front of your target audience with a variety of programs so you are top of mind when they need your product. Different channels serve different purposes and with a variety of programs running through multiple channels, you can turn the dials up and down as needed.

Engage with the Right Content, at the Right Time, Through the Right Channel

The average B2B customer interacts with a company seven times before entering into a sales process. Most of these interactions are driven by marketing content. My job as your digital marketing consultant is to make sure you are offering relevant content at the appropriate time and through the most effective channels.

Identify and Attract Channels

Thought leadership and best practice content peeks the interest of your prospects and attracts them to your website. As a digital marketing consultant, I’ve learned the best channels for this are the broad-reaching ones that can be targeted to your ideal customer.

Educate and Engage Channels

During the educate and engage stages, thought leadership content is joined by product content as you lead them towards a potential sales conversation. While all the previous channels stay in effect, the two new channels are:

Marketing and Sales Qualified Channels

While the previous channels continue to keep your company and content in front of the prospect, human interaction and content repurposed as sales tools come into play. My goal as your digital marketing consultant is to mature and qualify these leads for sales.

Content Type by Digital Channel

Digital Marketing Consultant Funnel Model

Measure Your Progress and Adapt Accordingly

Digital Marketing Funnel Model

Digital Marketing Funnel Model

Example of Different Funnel Conversion Numbers Based on Audience

Build the Right Funnel Model for Your Go-to-Market Strategy

As an employee and digital marketing consultant I have built many funnel models, and no two companies’ funnels have been the same—and they change over time. I can build one for you or help you build one based on intelligent assumptions, then create processes to track against it and refine the funnel model based on real-world results. Read more about what I can do as a marketing metrics consultant.

Executive and line-of-business leads are more expensive to identify and attract but tend to have better conversion rates as they move through the process. Technical and individual contributor focused leads that start with an open source or freemium download tend to be less expensive but require higher volumes to be effective.

I will help you determine the factors that will influence your conversion rates such as:

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