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Rich Guth Marketing Consulant

Marketing Consultant, Fractional CMO, and Interim CMO

Rich has built a 25-year career in Silicon Valley bringing new B2B software technologies to market including Big Data, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Java development tools, interactive development environments and web application servers. He has held sales, product management, product marketing, solutions marketing, partner marketing, GM, VP and CMO positions.

Rich has been one of the first 10 employees in the door at startups, played strategic roles at publicly-held companies with 600 employees or more and made significant contributions to companies at various stages and sizes in between. He has built and managed teams from 1 to 24. He even worked directly for Steve Jobs at NeXT Software the year before the Apple acquisition and was held up by Steve as an example of the new creative thinking he wanted at NeXT.

Venture Capitalists have described him as the person “who makes your company look 10 times larger than it is” and “knows how to market to developers”.

Rich is passionate about communicating the business value of technology differentiation. For Rich, marketing is a collaborative endeavor and it’s the journey of “digging in”, “figuring it out” and “pulling it all together” with a diverse group of smart people that gets him out of bed and out the door every morning.

Within days of graduating from Indiana University, Rich drove across the country with a cat on his lap to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue a career in technology.

Rich is now providing marketing consulting services as the Guth Marketing Group, so he can contribute to making a variety of companies, people and technologies successful.

About Rich Guth Marketing Consultant

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