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Rich Guth Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant with a Variety of Skills

One of the joys of tech marketing consulting is the variety of skills I get to use: writing, research, creative, analytics, and project management to name just a few. Every project and product has its unique characteristics. As your marketing consultant, I can bring a variety of marketing skills and disciples depending on your needs.  Every engagement starts with me understanding your product and target market. From there I apply that knowledge to deliverables and programs.

That’s why I like to start every new client engagement—regardless of size and scope—interviewing key executives, product experts, and even engineers within the company so that my marketing content and programs are grounded in the product and don’t result in “marketing fluff”.

I believe all marketing content, programs, and activities need to be firmly grounded in the product and its target market, user, and buyer. While features are important, in my marketing consulting, I focus on the technical differentiation and business value of those features that will resonate with your target customers and set you are apart from competitors. Read more about my approach to developing messaging and positioning.

Digital content that attracts, educates, and engages prospective customers is vital. Studies show the majority of the sales cycle now happens online before a prospect talks to a sales person. I believe in meaningful content that moves the sales cycle forward. As a marketing consultant, I and my freelancers create product PDFs, demo videos, white papers, infographics and more.  Learn more about content creation.

I have led the launch and relaunch of many websites as both an employee and marketing consultant, and my approach has evolved. Today I see a company’s web presence as the central deliverable of a marketing team. It’s where everything marketing does comes together to create a first impression and establish a relationship with prospective customers. And for those prospects to find it, SEO needs to be at the core of  its information architecture, copy, headings, and graphics—not an afterthought. Learn about my website consulting.

Lead generation is a discipline and I have developed some best practices to build your marketing lead database and leverage marketing automation to educate and engage those leads so they turn into marketing-qualified and sales-qualified leads. One-off programs rarely accomplish the goal. Learn how I will help you create and measure your lead generation strategy and programs.

There are a core set of marketing metrics that should be important to every company and some that vary based on its stage, target market, and product. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the options and numbers. As your marketing consultant, I will help you zero in and focus on the metrics that matter to your business and how to goal and measure them. Read more about marketing metrics that matter.

One of my specialities is aligning sales and marketing. It is important the sales force has the training and tools to continue the conversation that marketing initiates with prospects. As your marketing consultant I can generate sales playbooks, sales training materials, and sales enable tools that help the prospect more through the sales funnel such as presentations, PDFs, and standard RFP responses. Read my perspective on sales enablement.

If you are currently without marketing leadership and need help with many of the marketing consultant services described above, I can step in and act as your Interim CMO on a part-time basis. I can manage any in-house marketing staff you currently have, and I can enlist my network of specialist freelancers to fill in the skill-sets gaps. If you don’t have any staff, we can do it all for you. Learn more about my Interim CMO services.

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