Pioneer the Hadoop-based Big Data Analytics Category and Establish Thought-leadership

Series A start-up funded by Hummer-Winblad and US Venture Partners to capitalize on emerging Hadoop market.


  • Hadoop
  • SaaS
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Developer Tools
Big Data Analytics Product Marketing Consultant
  • Establish the company as a pioneering leader in the early Hadoop Big Data Analytics market
  • Build brand awareness for this nascent company, making it look larger and more established than it was
  • Build a database of MapReduce developers and SQL analysts for future community initiatives and prospecting
  • Find the market for a pre-compilier for MapReduce jobs and a development environment for HIVE-based SQL technology
  • The company had no paying customers
  • The technology was not “sellable” or implementable by a customer in its current incarnation
  • Hadoop was far from an established commercial market, let alone Hadoop-based analytics
  • Small team of less than 20
  • Built marketing team of marketing operations manager, product manager, and product marketer
  • Leveraged boutique PR, design and web development vendors to keep costs down
  • Surveyed early adopters of free download to understand their demographics, Hadoop knowledge and plans
  • Exhibited at Hadoop technical conferences, working the booth and demonstrating technology to get to know the target market, their needs, and what excited them
  • There was a lot of excitement and energy about Hadoop
  • Majority of market was still investigating and learning
  • Majority of market did not have a use case
  • Market was hungry for education
  • Created messaging platform targeted to developers and analysts learning Hadoop and Hive
  • Created thought-leadership marketing content and out-bound programs that educated market on the Hadoop ecosystem and open source projects
  • Created thought-leadership and how-to content and programs that educated the market on the difference of doing analytics against big data verses data warehouses, and how to structure non-structured data and develop SQL queries for Hadoop Hive
  • Released weekly press releases optimized for Google Alerts and key search words
  • 5,000 unique web visitors a month in 1st year, 10,000 a month in 2nd year
  • Marketing database of over 15,000 developers and analysts in less that two years for less than $50 cost-per-lead
  • Perceived as a thought-leader with content being repurposed by press, partners and prospects to educate their colleagues
  • Won 12 press mentions per quarter with frequent references as “Top Ten Big Data Company” and “Analytics Leader” by press and analysts
  • Market thought Karmasphere had well over 100 employees, a large engineering team and many successful customers
  • Positioned company for successful acquisition by FICO to add to their analytics offering

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