How Our Virtual Marketing Team Works

Virtual Marketing Team

Hands-On Tech Marketing Executive

As a B2B tech CMO and VP of marketing, I’ve done it all: product marketing, solutions marketing, partner marketing, marcom, content marketing, digital marketing. Now I act as your virtual marketing team.

As your part-time, Interim CMOcontent marketing consultant, or product marketing consultant, I dive-in and get to know your business, target market, product and its technical differentiators.

I work with you to develop a marketing strategy, plan, and messages that communicate the business value of your technical differentiation.

I then execute as a virtual or onsite team member a day or more a week.

I am very hands-on in developing messaging, content, and programs.

Marketing Management

If you have some inhouse marketing talent, I will manage, mentor and grow them.
If not, then I can bring in my virtual marketing team.

A Talented Virtual Marketing Team

When we need additional expertise or bandwidth, I tap into a group of talented freelancers I have developed quality relationships with over the years. They specialize in graphic design, web infrastructure, video editing, SEO, SEM, copywriting, and sales and marketing automation.  Together we are Guth Marketing Group and are your virtual marketing team.

Who Uses Us

Early to late-stage start-ups use us as their virtual marketing team and an occasional public company needing some awesome product or thought-leadership content engage us as the virtual content marketing team.
References for each are available.

How I Engage

I specialize in extended multi-month engagements, so I can make a difference to your business.

As Your Virtual Marketing Team,
We'll Make Your Company Look Much Larger than It Is

Company & Product Launches

I’ll get you off to the right start with the messages, technical differentiation, business value, digital presence, sales and marketing materials, and content marketing programs that make a big initial splash and keep the drum beat going.

Company and Product Pivots

As employee, Interim CMO, and virtual marketing team, I’ve helped companies pivot from propriety software to open source, from developer tools to business analytics, from products to solutions, from services to products, and from targeting IT to line-of-business.

First Marketing Departments

If you need marketing, but aren’t ready to hire a full-time team, my virtual marketing team can get you going. We’ll build your marketing automation infrastructure, digital presence, best practices, content, and programs you can take and build on.

Marketing Facelifts

As a startup moves from one stage to the next, marketing needs to up its game, up-level the messages, and improve the company’s curb appeal. I’ve led these efforts many times over the years and it’s always fun and rewarding.

Awareness and Category Creation

I’ll make you look ten times larger than you are while establishing your brand and product category with innovative thought-leadership initiatives driven through content marketing, social media, PR, and all communications channels.

Reposition for Acquisitions

Over the years, I’ve developed some best-practices in assuring a company’s external messages, presence, and programs are fresh, active, buzz-worthy, and clearly articulate value to attract and engage strategic investment.

My Virtual Marketing Team Services

Differentiated Messaging

As your messaging and positioning consultant, I’ll leverage the knowledge of your executives, sales team, key engineers, and customers to collaboratively and organically build an SEO-ready messaging platform that highlights the business value of your competitive differentiation and results in content for all channels and levels of communication.

Websites that Perform

As a website consultant, my virtual marketing team builds or revamps websites to generate more traffic and engagement. I start with SEO research to identify the keywords to optimize for, then develop an information architecture, messages, content, and calls-to-action. I use Google Analytics and SEMRush to audit the site and compare your SEO performance against competitors.

Content Marketing

As your content marketing consultant, I’ll increase the qualified prospects visiting your website and opting into your marketing database by putting relevant and compelling content in front of them as they visit the site. You and my virtual content marketing team will educate them, earn their trust, and keep them coming back as we nurture them into Sales Qualified Leads.

Digital Marketing

As your digital marketing consultant we’ll educate and engage your target market with webinars, whitepapers, videos, scripted demos, blogs, newsletters, infographics, and datasheets containing thought leadership and product content that matches their stage in the lead maturation lifecycle and turns them into Marketing Qualified Leads.

Marketing Metrics

When I am hired as a marketing metrics consultant, I analyze your past marketing and sales performance data, whatever may exist, to define an automated lead nurturing and engagement strategy with associated funnel model, processes, and success metrics to implement in your marketing automation application of choice.

Sales Enablement Tools

I’ll align sales and marketing and make sure your sales teams are a consistent voice with marketing by including them early in the process. As a sales enablement consultant, I’ll provide training, presentations, and digital sales tools that advance their prospects through the sales cycle and make them more effective selling.

My Diverse Areas of Domain Expertise and Experience

Analytics, BI and Big Data

I've marketed business intelligence, Hadoop development, big data analytics, and customer engagement analytics tools.

Customer and Employee Engagement

I've created messages and multimedia content for cloud contact center and employee engagement applications.

Vertical Salesforce Apps

We've delivered marketing consulting services, content and programs for Salesforce apps targeting contact centers and insurance companies.

Developer Tools

The key to marketing to developers is to not market to them, instead I focus on creating relationships based on trust and credibility.


I've communicated the business value of the complex technology behind relational, analytic, big data, distributed, and cloud databases.

Vertical Salesforce Apps

Building communities of open source software users and monetizing them is something I have successfully tackled more than once.

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