Launching a Series A Company, Brand and Product For Auto-Provisioning Internet Applications

Series A start up company funded by aSequoia Capital, Crosslink Capital and Needham Capital Partners needing to be messaged, positioned, branded, and launched from scratch in six months.


  • System Administration
  • Application Provisioning
  • Create the marketing content and machine in 6 months and then turn operations over to junior internal resources
  • Establish new product categories “centralized, automated Internet application provisioning”
  • Develop all digital content to serve marketing program for years
  • Launch the companies and products with press and analysts
  • No marketing infrastructure in place
  • Minimal budget, requiring a lot of hands-on creation of DIY work product
  • Early stage startup with few paying customers
  • Innovative technology forging new product category
  • Interviewed founders and engineers to understand what they are building and for whom
  • Interviewed early adopters to understand “what” they bought and “why”
  • Interviewed sales to understand what they are currently “selling”
  • Researched alternate legacy solutions for pertinent messages and differentiation
  • Systems management and application provisioning legacy products existed so we needed to fit into that category
  • CenterRun approach was unique and comprehensive so we needed to be clear in our differentiation
  • Created multi-level messaging platform to address all levels of company communications
  • Developed 2 page messaging summary with elevator statements for sales and other customer-facing resources
  • Wrote multiple pages of hierarchical boilerplate to repurpose on website, in collateral and in outbound marketing campaigns
  • Closed several key customers within a year
  • Acquired by Sun for twice their original venture investments within a year

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